About Us

NationsHearing is a leader in the hearing benefits industry.  We work with health insurance companies and other organizations to assist them in providing hearing healthcare benefits and associated products. We evolved to simplify the testing, dispensing and reimbursement process of acquiring hearing aids to the millions of individuals who experience hearing loss.  We are committed to improving the health and quality of life of our members.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create greater access to better hearing by offering state-of-the-art hearing aids at affordable prices with an unforgettable customer experience.

Our Provider Network

The NationsHearing Provider Network is a nationwide network of credentialed audiologists and hearing aid/instrument specialists.   When you join us, you will be positioning your practice with a leader at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry.  NationsHearing Providers enjoy immediate access to national and regional payer contracts.  

Change With Us

Traditionally, hearing aids have not been a covered benefit by health insurance plans.  Competition among private Medicare Advantage (MA) plans along with their commitment to hearing health is driving plans to expand their benefits.  To stay competitive and to attract new members, more and more plans now offer a hearing service benefit.   With many plans, a hearing benefit can exceed thousands of dollars.  Plans contract with NationsHearing to assist Members in locating a contracted provider to access their hearing benefit. Take advantage of the opportunity to join NationsHearing to position your practice for this change.

Member Experience

NationsHearing receives calls from Members of health plans seeking assistance to utilize their hearing benefit. Our Care Center Specialists coordinate the Member's hearing test appointment with the closest in-network provider.  The Member visits the Provider’s office and a hearing test is performed.  If the Member is a candidate for hearing aids, the Provider discusses hearing aid options with the Member and makes a recommendation.  The hearing aids are ordered through NationsHearing and shipped directly to the Provider’s office.  The Provider completes the fitting and professional fitting fees are paid to the Provider approximately 60 days after the date of the fitting.

I’m ready to join!

Great! The process to join the NationsHearing Provider Network is simple.  Please click on the link below to join.